I am a digital marketing strategist and entrepreneur, specializing in Digital Media Buying, Performance Optimization, KPI Performance Monitoring, Marketing Funnel Build-Outs and Coaching & Training

What I do do.

Business Growth Plan (Strategy & Tactics)
Product Launch Planning/Execution
Content & Ad Copywriting + Proofing
Video Scripting & Ad Planning
Advertorial Features
Marketing Audits
SEO Audit & Plan

What I don't do.

Social Media Management
Day to Day Ad Management
Project Management
Custom Web Design

What I love to do.

Make You & Your Business Look & Feel Sensational
Design Outstanding Customer Experiences
Connect people with their creative ideas
Problem Solving
Growth Planning

Core Services

Digital Media Buying

We make media buys for your marketing funnel by placing & optimizing advertising spaces across a mix of platforms, devices & tactics to ensure we maximize performance for your campaign goals.

Performance Optimization

Advertising is monitored daily & pruned to optimize for the best CPA for your KPI goals.  Ad assets are split-tested through several variations & changed regularly to find the best match to your KPI goals and to avoid ad fatigue.

KPI Performance Monitoring

We run advertising campaigns in 90-day sprints to test, optimize, & scale your traffic.  A KPI dashboard is provided for you to login and see KPI results at any time.  A monthly steering committee meeting is held to review KPI target results against goals and recommendations are proposed and agreed to for the next 30 days.

Marketing Funnel Build-Outs

Once you know you have a solid offer that converts, we can build new marketing funnels to acquire more leads & customers utilizing different front-end tactics. Some examples of these front-end tactics are book funnels, webinar funnels, VSL's, Text or Call Funnels, Book Meeting Funnels and more.  These tactics will be decided upon in a key stakeholders kickoff meeting at the beginning of the project.

Coaching & Training

If you're not quite ready to drive paid media traffic to your website or offer or you just want to learn how to do it yourself, or you just need some assistance to dial in an existing offer, or you need to create a digital product first, Bolder Future Marketing can provide you with coaching guidance and/or training to help get you there.  Message us by clicking on the popup button below to find out how you can get access to our signature coaching package; "The Entrepreneurs Concierge Coaching Method™".

Bolder Future Consulting Agency LLC

Bolder Future Consulting Agency was founded by Shane Johnston.  They provide their clients with annual Business Growth Consulting Services & online marketing services.

They are also the creators of a digital information product “Bolder FB Ads Coaching Academy” “Bolder Video Ads Mastery” “Bolder Webinar Academy” “Mastering the Art of Advertorials” & “Bolder Marketing Concierge Coaching Academy” in which they teach fellow entrepreneurs, marketers and business owners how to create their own online marketing product launches utilizing the most cutting edge online marketing methods with the latest in Digital Marketing tools and software.

Their clients include Robin Sharma International Author & Speaker, Pam Hendrickson former Tony Robins Content Director, Mike Koenigs Software Entrepreneur, Nick Unsworth CEO of Life on Fire Business Coaching, Loral Langemeier International Author & Speaker, Reven Media National Media Agency, Andrea Butje Aromatherapy Certification School, Sheri Rosenthal Retreat Coach, Cindy Ashton Professional Speaker Trainer plus hundreds of coaching clients.

An award-winning product launch specialist and Certified Digital Marketer Expert, Shane is an international Consultant, Coach & Speaker for online launches of new business ventures, services, and products.

He is the Founder of Bolder Future and CEO of Bolder Consulting Inc. & Business Growth Strategist

He is the creator of several online marketing classes; Bolder FB Ads Coaching Academy, Bolder Webinar Academy, & Bolder Video Ads Mastery Mastering the Art of Advertorials & most recently the Bolder Marketing Concierge Coaching Academy.

In the spirit of Richard Branson, Shane is known for cutting through the crap, going way past the edge and creating daring strategies for monetization & business growth.

After graduating with a Computer Science degree, Shane’s career took off with his love for cutting edge technology that could grow businesses exponentially and launch new products in emerging markets.  

Working with several Fortune 100 companies, he helped pioneer the digitization of customer experiences including Investment Banking Brokerage trading systems, white labelling of electronic banking services and e-Commerce Solutions.

Now Shane is passionate about bringing Fortune 100, new venture launch and growth strategies to the people he is most passionate about helping business owners & entrepreneurs who are positioning themselves for rapid growth in the new “Digital Media” era. 

Combining his background in building the digitization of emerging markets in fortune 100 companies with his passion for Entrepreneurs, he provides his expertise to bring success to businesses’ with Growth Consulting, 6 & 7-Figure product launches consulting strategy & agency marketing services. 

Shane has won many prestigious awards in the fields of sales, business venture launches, business growth and product development.

Amongst the national press Shane has received, he appeared in a full editorial spread in one of North America’s most respected high tech publications, CIO Magazine.

He was also profiled in Mashable Business as a Business Marketing Panelist on a feature series entitled, “Social Media Marketing Eye for the Small Business Guy.”