Increase Demand In Your Market

Most businesses simply copy the average, the ordinary. If you follow the masses, you get ordinary. The Top 1% were once the bottom 1%. They started at the bottom and had to define themselves as extraordinary.

Find distinctions you don’t normally see.

If you walk through the forest with a Botanist who explains about the different trees leaves fauna etc. you will never walk through a forest the same way …because of your new found knowledge. We all have an underlying desire behind our reasons for doing something.

There are 16 core desires (see diagram below) …you are either strong or weak in each.

Your beliefs connect to your core desire.

The goal of your marketing is to make selling superfluous ….Peter Drucker

To do that, your marketing has to overcome the status quo.

Most business owners don’t market enough and try to sell too much.

If you oversell & under-market, you become the person everyone hates.

Markets are defined by conflicts.

They share an unsolved conflict.

They’ve likely been struggling with the conflict for a while but haven’t solved it yet.

They’ve tried things & didn’t get the result they wanted …now they’re jaded.

See “Marketplace Pyramid” by Chet Holmes below

There are 2 basic marketing approaches to make selling superfluous;

  1. Chase Demand – top 2 levels of the pyramid (most marketing is currently set up to cash in on current demand)
  2. Create Demand (Demand Generation) – Create demand in your marketplace by moving people up the pyramid.

If you understand your customers/prospects desire based on their core primary beliefs, you can move them up the pyramid easily.

Ie Tim Ferriss sold the outcome/desire that his market wanted but the product was outsourcing – 4 Hour Workweek.

Nobody wants outsourcing …they want time/$ freedom.

Are you selling your business by searching for the people who already have the demand or are you creating demand?

Growth comes from finding more people who already have desire/demand for what you have to offer. However, if you’re the one who is educating them to increase their desire by moving their beliefs, then all the better for you because you’re the one who helped them come to their new revelation. That’s the Blue Ocean Strategy …go to where nobody else is fishing and the ocean is all yours.

Everyone is chasing the same customers, with the same tools, using the same short lived tactics.

You are in a much better position to be a “Demand Creator”. Here’s the difference between a “Demand Creator” and someone who is chasing people ready to buy along with the madding crowd (see diagram below).

Entrepreneurs are so busy they don’t have time to figure everything out on their own so often there are solutions to their problems that they don’t even know about. Hopefully that’s your solution.

You can help them figure it out by bringing your target audience to desire your product by helping them to value your solution.

How do they value it?

Show them how to do it with examples you’ve gotten results with …results trump everything.

Current Belief Drives current behaviour (why they buy)

Desired Belief Drives desired behaviour (buy your product)

The primary task of marketing is to turn their current belief into a new belief.

Move their belief just a little bit more.

This is your core concept of your marketing argument that underlies your teachings as a common thread.

The theme of all your marketing messages – everything stems from your offer.

Your core marketing thread is really just a statement that promises to deliver a result primarily because of your “unique method” (UM).

So your job is to build the case why your UM is the only solution to get the results they desire.

How to Develop Your Core Marketing Thread;

  1. What is the desirable result your prospect most wants.
  2. What is your UM way of helping them to get this desirable result.

What’s different, gets attention.

If you’re not being different in your marketplace, you’re invisible.

But different without depth of knowledge is the equivalent of just shouting at someone with nothing really to say.

I’ve never been a brash hard core sales closer.

I had a corporate career in sales & business development with several consulting firms and then started my first business 16 years ago. All that time I had to help people with their problems by asking questions to determine what they needed, then educated them with options so they could choose the best one for themselves.

I didn’t understand what I was doing at the time, but much later I learned that this was an actual sales method for generating demand for my solutions.

For the longest time, I thought it was a weakness because my peers were mostly brash hard core closer’s who forced people into buying solutions by overcoming their objections.

That method has never resonated with my personality.

…and most of those customers they closed never became loyal to them …particularly when they found out the solution they bought was not a good fit.

Fast forward to today and I help Entrepreneurs to increase demand for their solutions with several marketing methods so you can help people with the right solutions. It’s so much nicer that way for both sides.

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