AI Driven Marketing Method

The New AI Driven Content Marketing Method For 2022 That Increases Demand For Your Product or Service

If you’re like a lot of business owners, your marketing team may be targeting your advertising to a very small subset of your target audience.

Typically, only less than 10% of your target audience are ready to buy from you at the moment in time when your advertising hits them.

But, there’s another 50% of your audience who could be ready but you just left money on the table!

That is, unless you do this first. 

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In the world of sales, it’s known as “Demand Generation”.

In marketing language we call it content marketing or education on how to both identify and solve the problem that is preventing your target audience to achieve the result they are after.

An additional 25% of your target audience is aware they have a problem, but don’t know what the solution is.

Another 25% of your target audience knows they aren’t achieving the results they want, however they don’t even yet understand why or what the real problem is that’s causing it.

So with a little demand generation style content education marketing, you can easily and surprisingly quickly, get them to the point they are ready to buy.

…and best of all, they will be ready to invest with you.

BUT …you have to do it the right way for this to work.

Since we run the Bolder Future Marketing agency, we get the privilege of running a lot of different advertising tests with thousands of unique visitors so we can test out what works best.

After thousands of tests, we’ve been able to create a 4 step “Recipe Template” utilizing an AI (Artificial Intelligence) tool [Anchor text link this to my Affiliate Link - ]

 Best part is, you can download & get unlimited use to our Content Based Learning Recipe Template for Free when you subscribe to the tool here (insert Affiliate Link).

Once you get access to the tool, email me at with subject line “Got It” and I’ll send you access to not only the template, but a also a full training video on how & why it works so well plus a walkthrough of how to use the Recipe Template plus an example of a completed one.

Best to you for being bolder with your marketing!